Tuesday thoughts

As I lay here on my shakti mat in bed, listening to Spotify on shuffle, waiting for the sleep magnesium tablet to kick in, I’m recapping my day in my mind. Today was decent!

I got up and actually had breakfast at home. Admittedly it was only 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter, it’s more than I normally have. After breakfast, my flatmate dropped me to work on the way to drop her husband off to work too.

Walking into the office I felt good, knowing I’d learn more about sales today only having to deal with sales calls that came through to the customer service. JOKES. I was put into customer service AND sales calls, so my day was spent switching between customer service and sales calls, depending on what dropped through. Although this initially made me panic, I worked into a grove, and took deep breaths when needed. Made it through the day with only a few panic moments when I needed some assistance. Only 8 days left until I’m in the digital team, so I know I can manage that. Although I had calls for both sales and customer service, it wasn’t too busy, and had a few times of over 10 minutes worth of idle, so that was a nice break.

There was a few digs made at me today regarding my age, and also reference to me being forgotten, which irked me a bit, but I just reminded myself that it was all coming from a joking place instead of meaning to hurt me.

I managed to hitch a ride home from work from a colleague who finished at the same time as me, and came home to spaghetti bolognase for dinner. YUMMO. After dinner, I jumped on my PC, and found a lovely gift from someone I played a lot with when I was streaming. He had gifted me a copy of a game called Terraria. So I downloaded that, and jammed a few games with him and another kiwi dude from Auckland. It was nice, however they are much further ahead than I am, so i found myself a little bit lost in places. Having said that, the best way for me to learn is by doing, and asking questions. And both of the dudes I was playing with were kind and helped in every way I needed. Hopefully we can continue to play together and have some fun.

On the cards tomorrow I just have work, but it’s PAYDAY, so I will be able to get all my bills paid, and with my newly set up automatic payments, this will be done automatically for me. Setting up automatic payments will hopefully make things a lot easier for me, and take out the ‘have I paid my bills’ worries I get sometimes.

I’ll continue to listen to some music on my shakti mat until I feel myself start to drift, then jump on the shakti and head to sleep.


Catch up on the weekend

The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. Mostly good, some a bit bad.

Saturday day time was a bit quiet with some gaming and just hanging out. Saturday night I was picked up for a St Patty’s day party at another work colleagues house. I got to hang out with some workmates I hadn’t before, and get to know some of them better. One of them I clicked with immediately, and hope we can hang out outside of work soon. The night was great, and I sat drinking straight vodka, then vodka and water. This was until another work mate started to get annoying, and wouldn’t stop, even after I asked them multiple times. That put a dampener on the night, and I was ready to go home. Thankfully, shortly after that, my ride was ready to go and we stopped at McDonald’s on thee way home. Got home at 3am Sunday morning, climbed into bed to consume my McDonald’s, then fell asleep.
Sunday morning I was woken by my flatmate, as I had offered to accompany her to an appointment at the optometrist for a contact lens appointment. That was great as it made me miss wearing contacts, so something I will definitely have to look into again ;P
After the appointment, we met up with my other flatmates and went for brunch. I had eggs bene, however they were on top of smashed potato! Mind blown, pretty fuckin tasty!

Today at work I stayed in the customer service queue instead of joining sales in as well, but was instructed to deal with any sales calls, instead of transferring them to sales. I was chill with that as it meant I wasn’t slammed repetitively with sales calls. Oh boy, was I wrong. Hah! I got the most satanic sales calls, that even my colleagues around me were like “wtf man, sales isn’t always like that”. Ah well. I survived, and learnt more today, so that’s a bonus. Got home from work and had pizza and chicken strip for dinner.

So here I sit, full belly, exhausted, and ready for sleep. I will be diligent in updating in future, to keep everyone up to date.


It was a day

Today was a day. Personal life was great. National events were the worst I have ever witnessed.

Let’s start with the bad, and work to the good. Today, a group of at least 4 people (that they know of) took to multiple mosque’s in Christchurch, and shot dead at least 49 people. They also found multiple IEDs planted throughout the city. They have 4 people in custody. Most of the city was in lock down for hours, and one of my good friends is located in the heart of the city when it happened. She confirmed that her office was in complete lock down with armed defenders both in the builder, as well as surrounding the building, after police found a car with multiple firearms and ammo clips in it in the carpark of her work building. The organiser live streamed the whole attack, and posted a 37 page manifesto on his motivation, and answering all questions people might have regarding the attack. Thankfully all of the people I know in Christchurch were fine, however it is still deeply upsetting and shocking for everyone who was harmed or killed, and their friends, family, and colleagues. My heart goes out to those affected, and huge props to those involved in getting the situation under control, and apprehending the culprits.

Now on to work. Had training day 2 for Sales. Learnt some more, and jumped into the web queues to action some online sign ups. This allowed me to go at my own pace, make sure I was doing everything properly, and ensure I had time to ask for help when I needed. Admin work is something I am passionate about, and love doing. So going back into admin stuff made me feel good, and allowed me to get into a flow with what I was doing. Sadly I still have 2 full weeks on the phone left before moving to the digital team, so it will get harder trying to do things quickly while having a customer on the phone.
The have also made some changes for the better with regards to some processes, which will make things difficult at first, to make things a shit ton easier in the future for us, the end customer, as well as some of the other internal departments.

After work, I went to The Base with one of my workmates! We walked around, made jokes, had mad banter, and did some shopping. It was awesome to finally hang out with her outside of work, and hopefully should be going to a house party with her tomorrow as well.

For now, sleep is needed, so I shall leave this for now.

Sweetest of days/dreams! Xox

The start of something new

Fuckin damn it. I had all the best intentions of keeping this up to date with my journey in Hamilton, and got distracted with the job hunt, and A NEW JOB. That’s right, I got a job.
I had an interview for a dream job, and sadly didn’t get it. Interview was great, personal reference was great, the only possible reason I can possibly come up with that I didn’t get it was the work reference, which I was upset about, but not surprised. The second interview I went for was great, provided some alternative references, and managed to get the job. I started on December 10th, and it’s been pretty darn good. I went from my old job in the digital team, to my new job within the call center. It wasn’t ideal as I didn’t want to go back to into a call center, however it was a job, and I needed one. I slipped back into my call center persona, and was like a duck to water, even though I hate it. HAVING SAID THAT, there was an opportunity to apply for a job with the live chat/digital department within the same company, and I decided to apply. TURNS OUT IT WAS A GOOD CHOICE TO MAKE AND I START WITH THEM ON APRIL 1st!!!!
So today I was in training for Sales, and have another day of training tomorrow. After this, I have training in another department, then training in a whole different company as well. This will mean I am fully trained in assisting customer for 2 different companies through phone, live chat, Facebook, and email! Watch this space for the information overload comments. Hahaha.

Now, anxiety has been doing some funny things, coupled with a few bad phone calls, the last week and a half have been rough. I had planned a few things with workmates outside of work, in the interest of creating some friendships with people I can hang out with, and stop hanging around like a bad smell at home. That idea would have been great, if other things came up that prevented literally every social interaction to be cancelled.
Thursday, I was supposed to go for drinks at a bar with a group of people, and they kinda all forgot to tell me they had other plans come up, so I was left by myself. Friday, I was supposed to go to the vape shop with another colleague, and she forgot and booked an eyelash extension appointment. Saturday, I was supposed to go to the closing sale at a boutique shop just out of Hamilton, and a different colleague who I was supposed to go with forgot, and made other plans. 3 days in a row, 3 different lots of people all forgot about me. Then my colleague who sits literally back to back with me forgot who I was when someone referred to “James going to Live Chat”.
Here is where anxiety brain kicks in and goes “Hey James, you’re forgettable. Let’s think about this… A LOT.” Logically I know that we are all adults, things come up, and sometimes things happen to slip peoples mind, but nooooooooo, that’s not what my brain thinks.
But this is being put behind me, and I am moving forward, letting go of that sadness.

In other news, my best friend from high school and I are planning to take one trip per year together. We have been talking about going a cruise next year, and figure that at least one trip together per year will be good for us to catch up as she lives in Australia, so we don’t see each other very often. It will also be a great opportunity for me to actually travel outside of NZ.

For now, it is sleep time. I will set a reminder to start providing updates more often for life thing!


Move for the better

I suppose I should start from where I left off. It’s been over a year since my last post. Since the last post, I have continued on in the same anxiety daze as I have been for a long time, with mental health decreasing steadily. I was put in a horrible situation in October last year which resulted in me shutting out completely, and becoming a hermit. As a naturally social person this was quite difficult, however, it was the best decision I could make at the time. I made the right steps to deal with the aftermath of the situation, but the hermit status remained. The idea of recreating a social circle was more intimidating than it had been previously.

I had made a Twitch account to watch some people that a work colleague suggested to me. After a couple of months of watching, I figured that streaming games would be a good way to slowly introduce me back into social life gently. I mean, I was sitting in my room and playing games anyway, so why not stream them and potentially make friends, right? So I started streaming. With the help of a work colleague and her friends on Twitch, I started meeting people (online) and making friends. Through these friends, I found my way to the NZ Twitch community, where I met some of the best people I will ever meet. I went to a meet up of North Island Twitch streamers and got to meet quite a few people that I had chatted to online. After the meetup, there was a couple that I met that I kept closely in touch with, and came down to stay with for a long weekend to get out of Auckland for a little bit. I had been ‘planning’ to leave Auckland and move to Christchurch and had never actually done anything about it except tell people of the ‘plan’. When I came down for the long weekend, my friends asked how my moving plans were coming along. It was at that point that I realised that I wasn’t actually that committed to the move to Christchurch. I told them that I hadn’t done anything about it, no savings, no job hunting, no looking at how much rent would be, or moving costs. It was at that point that they offered me the option of moving in with them. This instantly struck a chord with me as they live much closer to Auckland than Christchurch, and it was a safe house that I knew people in. On the bus home, I even checked into a few jobs available in the area and applied for one. I had planned to find a job, then move down.

I had many conversations with my boss regarding working remotely, which would allow me to move and still maintain my existing job, meaning that I could move sooner. I waited and waited, plus followed up as much as I could without feeling like I was becoming a bother, however, the answer was always that it was with IT, and no estimation on when this would be possible. It took a rather large break down and concerns from the BEST friends for me to stop waiting for an undetermined amount of time for something that might not even happen. They told me that they were going to come up for Armageddon, and take me back with them and that I could find a job when I was down here as it would be easier for me to go to interviews if I lived here.

So here I am, in a new city, far more relaxed that I can remember being in Auckland for a long time. I have been here for almost 2 weeks, still without a job. Having suffered with a large number of things in Auckland, I find that there are FAR fewer things here that cause me issues than I anticipated, and the major thing is only the lack of a job. I have applied for several jobs while here, and have an interview for one next Tuesday. The other jobs I have applied for haven’t been as fortunate, however, I wasn’t expecting to just come down and be able to waltz into a job straight away. What the interview means is that I have a lot of prep work to do, and have to remember to remain calm.

Building my life here is exciting, and something that I look forward to giving updates on. For now, I have more jobs to apply for, and interview prep to do! I will try to keep this up to date with my new life!!

See you soon,

Days like today

It’s days like today that make you really step back and realise how much you take for granted the ‘boring plan Jane’ days. The days where things are smooth. The days where things are good. Days like today show you how strong you are and reiterate just how far you have come in your journey to happiness. 

Today was a shit fight. Work was messy and INSANELY busy. People from the past show their heads. People who you value dearly do something stupid and end up in hospital. 

Work: working in the telco industry is constantly busy. People are always getting connected, people are always moving, people are always cancelling, and faults always occur. Being someone who cares for other is difficult when you deal with an industry where 3/4 of the time there are issues. Whether is be a fault, or delays in the connection, these are things outside of our companies control. Then there are the human errors that happen that cause issues for customers, and those are the ones that hit the hardest. There was a VERY difficult situation I had to deal with today in relation to someone having fibre installed at their property and there being issues with the fact that the previous tenants fibre order hadn’t been cancelled by us, resulting in the connection being made on the wrong customers account along with the programming and provisioning being done on the wrong account. This is while fielding calls from 472929746382 other people who all have something that they require. On the positive side, I have a job interview in 3 days for another internal company that I used to work for a couple of years ago. 

Past Faces: there are things that happen in your life for one reason or another that stop you from contacting people, or them contacting you. I had someone contact me today asking about my past in gymnastics and whether their child was too young, and how it woulda with their aged child, and where I would suggest they go in their city. Don’t get me wrong, I answered all their questions with honest answers, and promoted the fuck out gymnastics as I am a FIRM believer in the power of gymnastics for not only fun reasons, but the fundamental movements that it teaches that don’t seem to be discovered by children today with all their iPhones and tablets. I remember when I was a primary school and intermediate, we played outside on the field. We ran and played on the monkeybars, flipped upside down, jumped off the seesaws, and it seems kids today are doing less of that. ANYWAY. I am a bit triggered that I haven’t heard from them in a while and they they message me asking about gymnastics. 

CURRENT PEOPLE: this ties to my last blog of You Can’t Save Everyone. There was someone I value dearly who went through a REALLY rough patch a few weeks ago and got to the point where we were seriously concerned about them hurting themselves. They lashed out and said some really nasty stuff to me about myself, but I understand that this was the headspace that they were in and totally not meant personally. Since then I messaged them at least once a day to check up and see what they are doing, and was ghosted (and still haven’t heard from them up to today) after a couple of weeks of messaging and getting the ‘seen’ treatment, I stopped messaged due to destruction of my heart. Today I was added back to a Facebook group I had left because said person had been messaging one of the other people in the group and ended up sending a VERY concerning message. After intense investigation we managed to establish that they had take a FUCKING SHIT LOAD of pills, and one of the persons other friends had found the person on their deck surrounded by pull bottles, blood, and vomit. We managed to get police and ambulance to the persons house and they are safely in hospital now. This DESTROYED me because I had spent a solid 2 weeks messaging and getting no response.

So today was an absolute out the gate, next level, shit fight from start to finish. This is where I came to the realisation that I need to appreciate every day. No matter house ‘ordinary’ it was, because those are the days that once appreciated, can be turned into extraordinary and eventually being great days. 

With the amount of mess today, it’s only 8:53pm and I am already in bed. So I shall fall into a slumber now. 

Love always,

James xox

You can’t save everyone

Anxiety takes you to daaaark places. So as an anxiety sufferer, I feel it’s my duty to help those in need, in the hope that one day they will help someone else who is in need, or even me when I am having a difficult time.

I was in a situation a couple of weeks ago where someone near to me was in real trouble mentally and emotionally. I pulled ALL resources I had, and found someone able to take me and collect this friend. We went to shisha, got burgers and some drinks, and sat at the beach talking, with the sound ocean ring through the darkness. While at the beach, I got a notification of someone posting on Facebook and checked to see what was happening. It was a veeery dark post from someone else reaching out for help. This person in based at the other end of the country, so all I could offer was support via private message. So while with two people at the beach, cheering one of them up and shooting shit, I was messaging this other person at the same time. Here is where it got sticky. The person I was messaging was way down the tunnel, with no possible sign of a light. In this situation I had resources available from the online variety as I could not be there in person. I sent through links to websites she could go to, gave her every exercise I know of to help calm down and take her mind off of what is going on, and reminded her of how beautiful and loved she is. And no matter what I said, or resources and help I provided, her thought and mood didn’t change. This fucking destroyed me as I had failed to ease the pain and hurt she was feeling. It made me realise that you will never win everyone, and not everyone can be saved by me. 

Since then, I have been handed a new contract that is $1 LESS per hour than what j am currently on, and steps me DOWN in what I do, making me wonder what I have done to be in this situation. So the job hunt will be on. 

I haven’t been having any luck on the love life front (including intimacy or fucking), and that’s a real kick in the teeth. I am left with the feeling of complete failure as a person. First: I wouldn’t ease someone’s pain and make them feel better, second: I have been demoted for no reason or explanation, and third: single and loveless. 

I sit here right in this moment wondering WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! What did I do that was so bad to be here? Where to from here? How can I make things better? Yet at the same time the conflict comes in where I know there is nothing wrong with me, and I cannot shake the negativity feeling.

Sometimes those who are there for others are hurting, sometimes they need help, and most of the time they will never ask for help. But remember that there are people there to help you. 


James x