Saturday’s are almost always my favourite day of the week. I can stay in bed as long as I like, and know that my routine will be waiting for me when I get up.
My routine when I get up consists of playful banter with the husuband, then off on a shopping trip for groceries and anything else we need to get. Today it consisted of some cool night lights that double as a torch.

Every week we do the same trip, with maybe a few stop offs. I never ever hate it. In fact, I love it. The ability to do the same thing, with the same person, and it never get old is amazing. The husuband loves it too as it is time that we can have together, without anyone else, and just talk shit.

This evening I have some pain. Pain that I feel is unjustified, but also not understood.
After several weeks of waiting for this evening, and an awesome night planned at a friend’s house, I am let down by a good friend who confirmed only a couple of days ago that we would be going, and I would be catching a ride with her. Just over an hour ago, when we were supposed to be leaving, my friend came over and says that we aren’t going because she has other things to do, then leaves to go to her partner’s house. This has left me with no option but to stay home due to the distance required to travel to the party, and the safety factor as it is now pitch black outside.
I understand that I should have checked this morning if we were still going, but at the same time, the plans had been set in stone for a couple of weeks.

So as I sit here tonight, my plans to make moves to put myself out and rebuild my self-confidence have been dash, along with the steps I had planned to make.

My evening will consist of watching Criminal Minds – Beyond the Boarders until I cannot deal with the day anymore, then I shall retire to bed.

Will write again tomorrow with my day.

Love always,

James xx


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